How to Register a Team



You must sign up yourself first and respond to the validation email so your profile becomes active and you can register a team.


Go to the web site and sign yourself in.  A team and quizzers can be added by going to the top bar and click “Schedule”.  The next screen should show the tournament and on the right hand side near the bottom, click “Register for this event”.  The first step is add the quizzers who will be on your team (if you have more than one team, you should add them all now to save an extra step later).  Add the names, one name per line (no commas or other special characters, just click enter when the name is finished) until you have all the names entered.  Then click “Add Quizzers” at the bottom of the entry screen.  You should now have a screen that has the names of the quizzers entered with a “Modify” and “Delete” button next to each name.  If those are all the names, click that same “Register for this event” button as you did earlier.  You should now see a screen that asks for your “Team Name”.  Enter the name you want to use for this team.  You will notice that none of the check boxes next to the quizzer names are checked.  Check the box for each quizzer you want for this event on this team (If you have more teams with different quizzers, only check the boxes for the ones on this team.  You will be given the opportunity to add another team and select the quizzers for that team).  Once the quizzer names are checked, click the “Register Team” button at the bottom of the screen under the “Add/modify quizzers” option.


Your team is now officially registered.  A this point, you will also have the option of adding another team.  The quizzers need to be added (see why I said you might want to add them add at the beginning) if you did not put all the quizzer names in at the beginning. Click the “Add/modify quizzer” button to add new quizzers using the same procedure as before.  Then you can add another team and check which quizzers are on that team.


You can add a quizzer, remove one or change the spelling of a name (including the team name), once the team(s) has been entered before the quiz (or the deadline).  These names will now always be associated with the church you have entered for yourself. 


If you want to see some of the things other districts/tournaments are doing, go to and check one of the tabs on the top bar.  Chicago Central District, QuizFest, Sterling and Indianapolis District have quite a few things already in place and we will be adding more functionality this summer for next fall.  Other districts are welcome to request a setup.  For the first year it is entirely free.


If you have questions or are having trouble registering a team, please contact Bill Horning at